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Verre à champagne chef & sommelier

You want to integrate champagne flutes to your tableware? Bestwine – Online shares with you brands and references of champagne glasses selected by professionals of starred gastronomic restaurants. The opportunity to access the most qualitative champagne flutes according to chefs, sommeliers, oenologists, waiters and bartenders of starred gastronomic restaurants around the world.

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Discover the champagne flutes chosen by chefs, sommeliers and bartenders of starred gastronomic restaurants. A selection by credible and legitimate professionals to help you find the perfect champagne flute.

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Verre à champagne chef & sommelier

Champagne flute Chef & Sommelier

Brand of the champagne flute : Chef & Sommelier

Type of champagne flute : tulip champagne glass

Best brands of champagne flutes

Refer to the opinions of chefs, sommeliers and bartenders from starred gourmet restaurants around the world to discover the best champagne flute brands in the world. A classification and comparison of the champagne flutes selected in the starred gastronomic restaurants by experts specialized in the high gastronomy.

Reference of the champagne fluteBrand of the champagne fluteCapacity of the champagne fluteMaterial of the champagne fluteType of champagne flute
Champagne flute tulip Chef & SommelierChef & Sommelier 20 clGlassTulip champagne flute
Champagne flutes on the table of starred gastronomic restaurants.

The champagne flute

Definition of the champagne flute: the champagne flute is a container that allows to serve and taste champagne. The champagne flute owes its name to its long shape similar to the musical instrument that is the flute. The champagne flute is so named because the most popular sparkling wine that is poured into it is the sparkling wine of Champagne, whether it is white or rosé. However, the champagne flute can also be used to serve other sparkling wines such as prosecco, cava or crémant for example. The champagne flute can contain on average from 12.5 cl to 20 cl of sparkling wine. The champagne flute can be made of glass or crystal.

The champagne flute was created in 1920 by French master glassmakers. During this decade, champagne is the most popular sparkling wine. It was synonymous with celebration and success. Before the 1920s, champagne was traditionally served in champagne glasses. However, champagne glasses were not suitable containers for drinking champagne. Indeed, the champagne glass has a wide chalice and a shallow depth. With such an ergonomic design, the champagne tends to lose its effervescence quickly. Moreover, the large diameter of the chalice does not allow the champagne to foam when served in a glass. The champagne flute therefore became the standard in the 1920s for serving and tasting champagne. Thanks to the small diameter of its chalice, the champagne is not very exposed to the ambient air. It therefore loses less carbon dioxide over time. The champagne flute allows to keep all the aromas of the champagne. Also, the champagne flute allows to better visualize the dress of the champagne and to observe the effervescence of the carbonic gas from the bottom to the surface of the glass. The champagne flute also allows you to smell the champagne thanks to a small drinking area that concentrates the aromas.

Technically, the champagne flute is a stemmed glass. The champagne flute is made of a long chalice. The chalice is composed of a rim which corresponds to the upper end of the glass, a chimney which corresponds to the part under the rim and whose diameter can reduce towards the top and a gob which corresponds to the bottom of the glass. The stem of the champagne flute connects the chalice by what is called the button. The bottom of the stem joins the foot, also called the base of the glass. The stem of the champagne flute is more or less long. This foot allows to stabilize the champagne flute on a support. The foot of the champagne flute can be flat or conical. The champagne flute has a small diameter. The champagne flute is characterized by a long and high chalice and a long stem. The ergonomics of the champagne flute makes it easy to hold the container. Thanks to the foot and the stem, the champagne flute allows its user not to touch the chalice therefore not to dirty the glass and not to heat the contents in contact with the hands. Also, the presence of the stem on the champagne flute allows not to be bothered by the condensation which can be created on the chalice because of the freshness of the beverage.

Choosing the right champagne flute

The champagne flute appears on tables from the aperitif to the dessert. In the art of the table, the champagne glass is positioned to the right of the other still wine glasses. Champagne or sparkling wines are served from the bottle in the flute by tilting the glass slightly so as not to shake the beverage at the bottom of the glass and not to generate too much foam. The champagne flute must allow you to observe, smell and drink the champagne. The champagne flute is a translucent and colorless container. Also, the champagne flute should not have any engravings or prints on the glass. This allows to highlight the content and not the container. The right champagne flute should have a tulip-shaped chalice to better preserve the carbon dioxide in the glass. The tulip-shaped champagne flute is atypical. The tulip champagne flute is a long and slightly rounded glass. The tulip champagne flute also has a chalice with a mouthpiece and a chimney. The tulip champagne flute also has a shoulder which is a wider part under the chimney and before the goblet. The champagne is served in the tulip champagne flutes at the shoulder. The classic champagne flute, on the other hand, is long. A good champagne flute can be made of glass or crystal. These two materials have characteristics that are not very different for champagne tasting. To choose a good champagne flute, you must take into account the fineness of the glass. The thinner the glass, the better the quality of the glass.

Concerning the size and the capacity of the champagne flute, it is advised not to choose a glass that is too small or too big. A champagne flute that is too narrow can prevent the champagne from oxygenating properly. A champagne flute that is too small can make the champagne too spicy. On the contrary, a champagne flute that is too large will make the champagne less and less sparkling and fresher more quickly than a flute of the right size. The right champagne flute is judged by its capacity. It should have a volume of 12.5 cl to 20 cl.

The champagne flute should be rinsed with hot water after being washed with cleaning products. Indeed, residues of products can harm the champagne and especially the formation of foam when it is poured from the bottle to the glass. The champagne flute must be dried naturally in the air. This implies not using a cloth or towel during the drying process to avoid leaving impurities on the glass. Impurities that can affect both the appearance and the taste of the champagne.

The price of a champagne flute fluctuates between the brands that produce them. Among the known brands of champagne flutes: Peugeot, Schott Zwiesel, Riedel, Normann, Copenhagen, Littala or Orrefors. There are also artisanal glass factories that produce champagne flutes. Champagne flutes are usually sold in sets of 6. The price of a set of champagne flutes costs several dozen euros.

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The selection of the top of the range champagne flutes

How are the champagne flutes selected on Bestwine – Online?

Bestwine – Online references the champagne flutes present on the tables of the most famous and recognized gastronomic restaurants around the world. References of champagne flutes approved by the greatest chefs and sommeliers of the gastronomy, themselves valued by the critics. Only the champagne flutes sold online are presented to you so that you can buy them easily.

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The reference of the best champagne flutes is updated daily by integrating new references which are laid out of the tables of the gastronomic restaurants. In the same way, we update the commercial and promotional offers to allow you to buy online a quality champagne flute at the best price. We are committed to presenting only champagne flutes from the tables of award-winning gourmet restaurants.

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Bestwine – Online is committed to referencing the best champagne flutes and to guide you towards the most attractive online commercial offers so that you can buy them at the best price. The good plan champagne flute for a good deal to find and buy a champagne flute at the best value for money!

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