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Prosecco is a sparkling white wine which is increasingly in demand in gastronomic restaurants all over the world, due to the fact that it is used to make several very popular cocktails. Discover the list of bottles of Prosecco chosen by chefs and sommeliers in starred gastronomic restaurants worldwide.

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Prosecco Col Vetoraz - Valdobbiadene Millesimato

Col Vetoraz Prosecco – Valdobbiadene Millesimato

Origin : Italy

Grape Variety : Prosecco

Category : extra-dry

prosecco ricadonna

Riccadonna Prosecco

Origin : Italy

Grape Variety : Gléra

Category : extra-dry

Prosecco Silvano Follador - Valdobbiadene Superiore

Silvano Follador Prosecco – Valdobbiadene Superiore

Origin : Italy

Grape Variety : Prosecco

Category : extra-dry

 Prosecco Bisol Jeio

Bisol Jeio Prosecco – Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Cartizze

Origin : Italy

Grape Variety : Prosecco

Category : extra-dry

prosecco zonin

Zonin Prosecco

Origin : Italy

Grape variety : Gléra

Category : extra-dry

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Prosecco BrandProsecco VintageProsecco Grape VarietyProsecco CategoryAlcohol DegreeRestaurant
Zonin ProseccoNoGléraExtra-dry11°⭐⭐⭐ – Yannick Alléno – France
Riccadona ProseccoNoGléraExtra-dry11°⭐⭐⭐ – Yannick Alléno – France
Della Vite Prosecco – SuperioreNoProseccoExtra-dry 11°⭐⭐⭐ – The Fat Duck – United Kingdom
Fagher Valdobbiadene Prosecco – La ClotureNoProseccoExtra-dry11°⭐⭐⭐ – Otto e Mezzo – Hong Kong
Col Vetoraz Prosecco – Valdobbiadene MillesimatoNoProseccoExtra-dry11°⭐⭐⭐ – Otto e Mezzo – Hong Kong
Silvano Follador Prosecco – Valdobbiadene SuperioreNoProseccoExtra-dry11°⭐⭐⭐ – Otto e Mezzo – Hong Kong
Bisol Jeio Prosecco – Prosecco di Valdobbiadene CartizzeNoProseccoExtra-dry11°⭐⭐⭐ – Otto e Mezzo – Hong Kong
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Prosecco is a sparkling white wine like Champagne. Although it is less popular than Champagne, it is very similar to the sparkling French wine. Prosecco comes from the Italian Provinces of the Veneto and Frioul-Veneto region, more precisely, Belluno, Venise, Padoue, Trevise, Vincence, Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste, and Udine. Prosecco is a perfect product of the Italian terroir. Its name comes from the town of Prosecco, a little Italian village of about a thousand inhabitants next to Trieste, but of great importance to Italy, as the hills of Prosecco are a Unesco world heritage site. It is on these hills that the grape varieties prosecco, giera and Bianchetta Trevigna are cultivated. More than 25 000 hectares of vineyards whose white grapes produce Prosecco. Some Prosecco terroirs are classified. The regions of Conegliano, Valdobbiane and Asolo notably have the mention DOCG (denominazione d’origine controllata e garantita). It is possible to discover the appellation of a bottle of Prosecco by its label. Obviously, Prosecco only comes from Italy. It can sometimes be vintage.

To obtain Prosecco, the white grape juice is fermented twice.

There are two type of Prosecco wine:

  • A sparkling wine of the type “frizzante” (beady and sparkling) or spumante (sparkling) which make up the greatest part of the production
  • A still white wine to accompany fish (see the wines appellation “Prosecco DOC” of both the regions, one situated between Conegliano, Valdobbiadene and Vittorio Veneto, and the other in the Montello and the Colli Asolani; wines with the appellation “Prossecco DOCG only include 15 counties.)

Prosecco on the wine list of starred gastronomic restaurants

For purists, Prosecco is savoured chilled without any other drinks added. However, Prosecco’s popularity has increased with the success of the Spritz cocktail. Spritz is a cocktail made with Prosecco, Apérol and fizzy water. Hugo is another cocktail created from Prosecco. Prosecco is mainly served as an aperitif, but this sparkling wine can also accompany a dessert.

In Italy, Prosecco is drunk chilled and accompanies traditional Italian dishes like fried fish, cod, seafood, and pizza.

Prosecco is appreciated by sommeliers and chefs in starred gastronomic restaurants. Less codified than Champagne, Prosecco has a wide range of interesting and unusual flavours. Prosecco can be distinguished by its more or less sweet versions:

  • Prosecco Brut is the driest version and is used in cocktails
  • Prosecco extra-dry is slightly sweet and can accompany savoury dishes
  • Prosecco dry is the sweetest and is served with deserts.

Prosecco has an alcohol content of between 11 and 12%.

The price of Prosecco is above all, much better than Champagne. For a high-quality Prosecco, the price does not exceed two figures.

Prosecco is appreciated by the greatest names in gastronomy. A majority of Italian gastronomic restaurants have Prosecco on their wine menu, and it can also be found on the wine list of starred gastronomic restaurants. Its delicacy, lightness, and accessible price make it an attractive product of the Italian terroir.

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To help you select the best bottles of Prosecco, Bestwine • Online has listed all the references of Prosecco served in starred gastronomic restaurants, that are well-known and reputed for offering the best food and the finest wine. Naturally chefs and sommeliers in starred gastronomic restaurants select the greatest bottles and the most fabulous references of Prosecco to satisfy their customers.

The team at Bestwine • Online, regularly update the list or Proseccos served in starred gastronomic restaurants, so that you may freely consult it to find and buy the most delectable productions of this sparkling Italian wine. This reference list of excellent Proseccos is neither a classification nor a comparison. Our aim is to allow the greatest number of internet users to take advantage of the expertise of the most talented chefs and sommeliers in the world.

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With Bestwine • Online, I would like to promote the talent of the most competent restaurant owners, chefs, and sommeliers in the world. I would also like to promote the Italian terroir with this very popular sparkling wine. Bestwine • Online is a website which does not claim to be an expert in Prosecco.

In my opinion, no one can affirm knowledge of the best Prosecco as there exist several different brands and references of excellent Prosecco, which are preferred according to the tastes and inclinations of each person. With Bestwine • Online, access a selection of upmarket Prosecco to be sure of finding a bottle at the best value for money.

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How are Proseccos selected on Bestwine • Online?

Bestwine • Online references the Proseccos from the wine list and wine cellar of the most well-known gastronomic restaurants in the world. References recommended by the chefs and sommeliers acclaimed by the critics. Only the references of Proseccos sold online are proposed, to enable you to buy them easily.

How are the reference lists of the best Proseccos updated?

The reference lists of Proseccos are updated daily by incorporating the new references from the wine menus of gastronomic restaurants at our disposal. In the same way, we renew our offers and promotions so that you may buy the best quality Prosecco at the best price. We promise to only propose references on the wine list of prize-winning gastronomic restaurants.

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The chefs and sommeliers of gastronomic restaurants are the guarantees of gastronomic excellence by offering the best products, food and drink in their restaurants. Naturally, chefs and wine waiters of these great restaurants only propose the finest Proseccos.

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