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verre à vin riesdel

Riedel Elixir wine glass

Wine glass brand: Riedel

Type of wine glass: tulip wine glass

verre a vin en cristal rod wine

Wine glass Rod Wine

Wine glass brand: Rod Wine

Type of wine glass : tulip wine glass

Reference of the red wine glassBrand of the red wine glassCapacity of the red wine glassMaterial of the red wine glassType of red wine glass
Red wine glass ElixirRiedel67 clCrystalTulip red wine glass
Red wine glass Rod WineRod Wine65 clCristalRed wine glass tulip
Wine glasses at the table of starred gourmet restaurants.

The wine glass

Definition of the red wine glass: the red wine glass is a container that allows to pour and drink red wine. The red wine glass allows its user to analyze the wine by observing it, smelling it and tasting it. The wine glass is a stemmed glass composed of several distinct parts. The highest part of the red wine glass is called the chalice. It is the part that forms what is known as the balloon. The chalice is composed of a rim that corresponds to the upper end of the glass. The lips of the drinker are placed on the mouthpiece. Under the mouthpiece is the chimney which is a part that narrows more or less strongly to the mouthpiece. The chimney of the chalice allows the concentration of the red wine’s fragrances to be better smelled. Under the chimney of the wine glass is the shoulder of the wine glass. The shoulder is the widest part of the chalice. The shoulder of the chalice of the wine glass allows to delimit the wine to the red wine glass when it is poured. Then comes the goblet which corresponds to the bottom of the chalice of the red wine glass. The chalice of the red wine glass is connected to the stem by the knob which corresponds to the point where the two elements join. The stem then joins the stem of the wine glass which can be flat or conical.

The red wine glass has existed as a tableware since the 18th century. The nobility and the bourgeoisie owned at the time dishes dedicated to the consumption of red wine.

The red wine glass has a specific ergonomics defined to promote the right expression of the qualities of red wine. Indeed, its shape must allow the red wine to evolve and express all its characteristics. Thus, the red wine glass must have a rim and a chimney that are neither too wide nor too narrow. A chimney and a rim that are too wide do not favor the concentration of the red wine’s aromas since they are not concentrated. On the contrary, a glass and a chimney that are too narrow do not allow the red wine to breathe properly. Logically, a red wine glass is not made to allow the wine to decant. The red wine glass should simply allow the wine to breathe so that its smell and taste evolve over time. To decant the wine, it is possible to do it in the bottle by uncorking it a few minutes before pouring the wine into the glass. It is also possible to use a wine decanter to decant the wine. The red wine glass must be translucent and colorless. A transparent red wine glass allows you to better observe the color of the beverage. A colored or non-translucent red wine glass would not allow an optimal visualization of the beverage. A transparent glass also allows you to observe the flow of the red wine on the edges of the glass, which allows you to judge the fineness of the beverage.

The presence of a foot and a stem on a red wine glass makes it possible to take the element in hand. Thanks to the foot and stem, the user of the red wine glass does not need to touch the chalice. Touching the chalice with the hand and fingers can warm up the red wine glass and thus the beverage. Also, fingerprints can be visible if the chalice of the red wine glass is touched. The red wine glass should be an aesthetic element to decorate the table. However, the wine glass should be elegant and discreet, it should not take visual precedence over the red wine itself. A good red wine glass enhances the beverage and it is not the wine glass that should take over. That’s why the best red wine glasses have a classic design.

There are several types of red wine glasses:

  • Tulip red wine glass: this is a red wine glass with a homogeneous shape and a closed rim in which red Bordeaux wines are served. The more closed rim allows to concentrate the aromas for the nose as well as for the mouth.
  • Red wine glass lyre: the red wine glass lyre has a more open rim. The wine flows more fully in the mouth. The red wine glass lyre is suitable for wines with low tannin such as red Burgundy wines.

It is therefore possible to select a red wine glass according to the classification of the wine:

  • Burgundy red wine glass (lyre glass): wide and large calyx, medium stem and large base.
  • Bordeaux red wine glass (tulip glass): large, tall chalice, large stem and large base.
  • Chardonnay red wine glass : large medium-sized calyx, large stem and medium base.
  • Sauvignon wine glass: medium size calyx with an elongated shape and a medium base.
  • Red wine glass Pinot: medium sized calyx with a round shape and a medium base.

The selection of a red wine glass can therefore be done according to its classification. In use, a standard wine glass can be used to serve and taste any red wine. A standard red wine glass can even be used to taste a still wine such as white wine, rosé wine, yellow wine or orange wine.

The red wine glass should be an easy to wash and dry item. Thus, the red wine glass should allow a cleaning element to be passed easily inside the glass so that cleaning is easy. It is possible to wash the red wine glass with detergent, but the container must be rinsed thoroughly with clear water afterwards to remove traces of detergent. Also, to dry a red wine glass, it is recommended to let it dry in the air. Washing agents and the textile fibers of the cloths or towels used to dry the wine glass can affect the appearance of the red wine and its appearance when poured.

Red wine by the glass

In the art of dining, the red wine glass is present on the table from the aperitif to the dessert. Red wine can be enjoyed at every stage of the meal, right up to the cheeses.

When the wine has finished decanting if necessary, the red wine can be served in the glass via the red wine bottle or red wine decanter. In the red wine glass, the liquid should be poured carefully. The red wine glass can be tilted slightly to accommodate the container from which the red wine flows. This way, the red wine pours slowly and subtly into the bottle. On average, a bottle of red wine can fill 5 or 6 red wine glasses depending on their capacity. Regarding the latter, there is no perfect volume for a red wine glass. A red wine glass has an average capacity of about 50cl. Concerning the size of a wine glass, there is no right height and width. The right size for a red wine glass allows the glass to be held properly and allows the beverage to express its characteristics.

To select the right red wine glass, it is necessary to take into account the material that makes up the container. Most red wine glasses are made of glass or crystal. Standard crystal contains lead which is not good for your health. There are, however, lead-free crystal red wine glasses. Regarding the material that makes up the red wine glass, it should be noted that crystal is slightly more qualitative since it is lighter and stronger. However, the difference with a glass red wine glass is hardly noticeable. That is why in most of the starred gastronomic restaurants, you will find mainly glass red wine glasses which have a better quality/price ratio. A good red wine glass should be as thin and light as possible. The price of a good red wine glass is around ten euros per unit. Often, red wine glasses are sold in sets. A thin red wine glass means quality for the glass and a light glass makes it easier to hold.

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The selection of the best red wine glasses

How are the red wine glasses selected on Bestwine – Online?

Bestwine – Online references the red wine glasses found on the tables of the most famous and recognized gastronomic restaurants around the world. The red wine glasses references have been acclaimed by the most famous chefs and sommeliers of the gastronomy, who are themselves valued by the critics. Only the red wine glasses sold online are presented to you so that you can buy them easily.

How is the reference list of the best red wine glasses updated ?

The reference list of the best red wine glasses is updated daily with new references that are placed on the tables of gourmet restaurants. We also update the commercial and promotional offers to allow you to buy online a quality red wine glass at the best price. We are committed to presenting only red wine glasses from award-winning gourmet restaurants.

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