Margarita glasses at the table of starred gastronomic restaurants

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For mixologists as well as for Margarita lovers, Bestwine – Online has listed the different types of glass, their reference and their brand, used in starred gastronomic restaurants. The opportunity for all to find and buy the best in margarita glasses.

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Find the best margarita glasses

Discover the margarita glasses chosen by chefs, sommeliers and bartenders of starred gastronomic restaurants. A selection by credible and legitimate professionals to help you find the perfect Margarita glass.

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We guide you to the most interesting commercial and promotional offers online. You can buy the best Margarita glasses with confidence from a trusted and unbiased source.

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The best Margarita glasses

With Bestwine – Online, the reference of the best Margarita glasses:

  • Enjoy a Margarita in the perfect glass.
  • Offer a Margarita glass or a set of exceptional Mojito glasses.
  • Enrich your bar and tableware with prestigious Margarita glasses.
  • Discover all the information to know better the Margarita glasses and their specificities to choose easily your Margarita glass.
verre a margarita

Margarita glass Topkapi

Best Margarita glass brands

Refer to the opinions of chefs, sommeliers and bartenders from starred gourmet restaurants around the world to discover the best brands of margarita glasses in the world. A classification and comparison of the Margarita glasses selected within the starred gastronomic restaurants by experts specialists of the high gastronomy.

Margarita glass referenceMargarita glass brandCapacity of the Margarita glassMaterial of the Margarita glassType of Margarita glass
Margarita glass TopkapiTopkapi30,5 clGlassMargarita glass
Margarita glasses on the table of starred gourmet restaurants.

Definition of the Margarita glass: the Margarita glass is a container which allows to serve, observe and taste the Margarita cocktail. The Margarita glass can be a bowl or a cocktail glass. The Margarita glass can be made of glass or crystal. The Margarita glass is translucent to let the cocktail appear.

There are two types of margarita glasses:

  • The Margarita glass: the Margarita glass is a glass of cup type like a champagne glass. However, the Margarita glass has a chalice with an upper corrugated part that acts as the main cup and a lower corrugated part that acts as the bottom of the glass. The rim of the glass is wide and the chalice narrows in the middle. The bottom of the glass is therefore narrower than the upper part. We then distinguish the goblet which connects the chalice to the stem. The stem connecting the chalice and the foot of the glass considered as the base. The margarita cup is particularly well adapted to integrate crushed ice. The Margarita cup has a volume of approximately 25 cl
  • The Margarita cocktail glass or Martini glass: a Margarita cocktail glass is a stemmed glass. The Margarita glass has a conical chalice composed of a rim, a chimney that widens to the top of the glass and a gob which is the bottom of the glass. We can also distinguish the gob which connects the chalice to the stem. The stem also connects the chalice and the foot of the glass considered as the base. The Margarita cocktail glass has a volume of about 25 cl also

Margarita glasses are stemmed glasses. This makes it possible to easily carry the glass to the mouth without touching the chalice which is thus not dirtied nor heated by the fingers.

The capacity of the Margarita glasses is relatively small. Indeed, the Margarita is a cocktail which is tasted in small quantity.

The recipe of the Margarita cocktail is simple since it is necessary to stir with a shaker 5 cl of tequila, 3 cl of triple sec and 2 cl of lime juice. The whole must be vigorously stirred in the shaker and poured into a margarita glass with or without crushed ice.

The Margarita is served very cold in the glass. Generally, fine salt is placed on the drink of the margarita glass to bring a salty touch to the beverage. It is also possible to put a slice of lemon on the Margarita glass to decorate the cocktail

Margarita glasses are financially attractive. It is necessary to count a few euros for a Margarita glass. Margarita glasses are often sold in sets. Crystal margarita glasses are more expensive than glass margarita glasses. There is no better choice between a crystal or glass margarita glass. Crystal is certainly stronger and lighter but it also costs much more. The thinner the margarita glass, the better the quality. The margarita glass must be light to be handled easily.

An authentic classification and comparison to choose your Margarita glass

Time needed: 5 minutes

Choose the best Margarita glass for you:

  1. Select one or more selection criteria for your Margarita glass according to your preferences.

  2. Rank the Margarita glasses according to your selection criteria.

  3. Select your favorite Margarita glass.

  4. Buy online one of the best Margarita glass at the best price.

  5. Receive or offer one of the best Margarita glasses to enjoy your favorite drink!

The selection of the top Margarita glasses

How are the Margarita glasses selected on Bestwine – Online ?

Bestwine – Online references the Daiquiri glasses found on the tables of the most famous and recognized gastronomic restaurants around the world. References of Margarita glasses approved by the most famous chefs and sommeliers of the gastronomy, themselves valued by the critics. Only the Margarita glasses sold online are presented to you to allow you to buy them easily.

How is the reference of the best Margarita glasses updated ?

The repository of the best Margarita glasses is updated daily with new references that are placed on the tables of gourmet restaurants. Also, we update the commercial and promotional offers to allow you to buy online a quality margarita glass at the best price. We are committed to present only Margarita glasses from the tables of the awarded gastronomic restaurants.

Why choose a Margarita glass through Bestwine – Online ?

Chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and waiters of gourmet restaurants are the guarantors of the excellence of fine dining by offering the best products, food and beverages served in the most beautiful glasses in their restaurants. Naturally, the chefs, sommeliers and waiters of the greatest gourmet restaurants have the best of the best in Margarita glasses on their tables.

Why buy your Margarita glass through Bestwine – Online?

Bestwine – Online is committed to reference the best Margarita glasses and to guide you to the most attractive online offers so that you can buy them at the best price. The good plan Margarita glass for a good deal to find and buy a Margarita glass at the best value for money!

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