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verre moscow mule

Moscow Mule mug

Definition of Moscow Mule : Moscow Mule mug, moscow mule copper mug or moscow mule cup is a metal, brass or copper container. The Moscow Mule mug is characterized by a body, a lip at the top of the mug on which the drinker’s lips rest, a bottom and sometimes a handle. The handle is used to hold the mug to bring it to the mouth. The Moscow Mule mug has a coppery color due to the copper which composes it. The Moscow Mule mug can be smooth or with regular patterns in relief.

Moscow Mule mug is prepared in the mug. The mug must therefore be adapted to the cocktail making process. The Moscow Mule mug should be large enough and have enough volume to hold the liquid, large ice cubes or crushed ice and lime slices. It should also allow for mixing the cocktail.

The Moscow Mule is an English term that translates to Moscow Mule and refers to a cocktail made with vodka, spiced ginger beer and lime juice. The Moscow Mule is accompanied by one or more slices of lime.

The Moscow Mule can be made with :

  • 5 cl of vodka
  • 0,5 cl of lime juice
  • 15 cl of ginger beer
  • A slice of lime and possibly lime peel.

It is possible to replace the vodka in the Moscow Mule with whiskey. In this case, the cocktail is called Irish Mule. The vodka can also be replaced by tequila. In this case it is called Mexican Mule. The vodka can be replaced by gin. It is then called London Mule. If the vodka is replaced by Licor de Beirão, the cocktail becomes a Lisbon Mule. Finally, if white or agricultural rum replaces the vodka, the cocktail is then called Jamaican Mule.

The Dark ‘N’ Stormy cocktail is also a variation of the Moscow Mule with amber rum instead of vodka.

Why is the Moscow Mule called like this?

The Moscow Mule owes its name to the vodka that the cocktail contains. Vodka is considered a “mule”, in other words an alcoholic drink with a strong character just like the animal. The Moscow Mule is also a reference to the character considered as gruff Russian.

The Moscow Mule was born in New-York, and more precisely in Manhattan in 1948 after the Second World War. The Moscow Mule was born in a context of cold war between Russia and the USA, hence the singular name of the drink.

The Moscow Mule mug appeared on the tables at the time of the aperitif. It is served with a coaster to protect the table from water drops that form around the mug with condensation.

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