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triple sec cointreau

Cointreau Triple Sec

Origin : France

triple sec combier

Combier Triple Sec

Origin : France

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Giffard Triple Sec

Origin : France

Best Triple Sec’s brands

Refer to Chief’s, Sommelier’s, Bartender’s from gastronomic restaurants of all around the world‘s opinion to discover the best Triple Sec’s brands and best references. A ranking and comparative of the best Triple Sec’s brands by the Chief’s, Sommelier’s and Bartender’s from the top gastronomic experts.

Triple Sec ReferenceTriple Sec BrandOriginAlcohol Degree
Triple sec CointreauCointreauFrance40°
Triple sec CombierCombierFrance40°
Triple sec CuraçaoGiffardFrance40°
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Triple Sec

To make Triple Sec, orange peel must be dried for several weeks to eliminate its water and only conserve the peel. The peel contains the aromatic essences of the orange, which give Triple Sec its unique flavour. Triple sec can be made with sweet or bitter oranges. When the orange peel is dry, it is macerated in Eau-de-Vie, which allows the natural extraction of the aroma of the fruit, giving the Eau-de-Vie an orange flavour. The mixture of orange peel and Eau-de-Vie is then distilled three times in a leather still.

 Triple Sec does not have any legal definition nor any controlled designation of origin However, in the United States Triple Sec is defined as a liqueur which must be produced with oranges.

The alcohol content of Triple Sec is about 40°.

Some brands of Triple sec have more or less alcohol, with degrees oscillating between 15° and 40°. This level of alcohol is obtained through 3 successive distillations:

  • The first distillation gives the first degree of 20% of alcohol
  • The second distillation gives a second degree of 30% alcohol
  • Finally, the third degree gives the final stage of 40% alcohol.

Where does Triple Sec get its name? The name Triple Sec comes from its method of production. It is the triple distillation of this beverage which gives it the name Triple Sec. According to Edouard Cointreau, the name Triple Sec comes from the fact that this liqueur contains three times more orange essence (triple) and less sugar (sec).

Triple Sec in starred gastronomic restaurants

Triple Sec is a liqueur that can be served as an aperitif or a digestif.

It is also used as an ingredient in several different cocktails. Amongst well-known cocktails made with Triple Sec is Margarita which is composed of Tequila and Triple Sec.

Amateurs of Triple Sec prefer to drink it neat.

As an aperitif, Triple Sec is served at room temperature so that all the essences of the orange peel can develop, and their flavour be appreciated.

As a liqueur Triple Sec can be consumed chilled. It is also possible to add ice cubes to make a refreshing liqueur. To amplify its characteristic bitterness, Triple Sec can be accompanied with a slice of lime, which also enhances its attractive crystal clear and brilliant appearance. Finally Triple Sec can be appreciated flamed and mixed with castor sugar.

Triple Sec has floral notes and a bitterness which is softened by sugar. To be considered as a liqueur, Triple Sec must have at least 100 grammes of sugar per litre. This is true for all Triple Secs on the market.

Occasionally, Triple Sec is also used to flavour some dishes concocted by chefs, notably recipes in which the liqueur gives a flavour of citrus fruits. Triple Sec can also be used to season fish dishes or desserts.

However, Triple Sec as a liqueur is not a good accompaniment for desserts. In fact, it is a bitter alcohol and as desserts are sweet, they do not go well with a bitter alcoholic drink, except for desserts made with citrus fruits.

Triple Sec is consumed all over the world, due to its presence in a variety of cocktails. So gastronomic restaurants worldwide offer Triple Sec to their customers.

Brands of Triple Sec

There are dozens of brands of alcohol on the market, producing Triple Sec. Amongst them several French names as Triple Sec comes from France.

Two Brands of Triple Sec claim to be its original Producer:

The brand Cointreau claims that it is Edouard Cointreau who created the first versions of Triple Sec in Angers in 1875.

The brand Combier, claims on their side, that it was their liqueur maker Jean-Baptiste Combier who produced the first version of Cointreau in 1834 in Saumur.

The brands Cointreau and Combier still produce Triple Sec.

Brands may not always be of the same value. There are lower quality and high-quality Triple Sec. Chefs, sommeliers and barmen in starred gastronomic restaurants select upmarket Triple Sec. There are also industrial and hand-crafted Triple Sec.

Nowadays, Triple Sec is produced all over the world. Therefore, you can find French, American and even English Triple Sec. Some brands only produce Triple Sec and others propose other types of alcoholic drinks.

Brands of Triple Sec: Aristocrat, Arrow, Bandolero, Bols, Boudier, Briottet, Cointreau, Combier, De Kupyer, Deauville, Devoille, Giffard, Hiram Walker, Lejay, Marie Brizard, McGuinness, Meaghers, Merlet, Mohawk, Pagès, Pooter’s Triple Sec, Salicsa, Volare, Warenghen, l’Heritier Guyot, Mr Boston, Cubay               and Grand Marnier Cordon Jaune.

Obviously, some brands are top quality and therefore in our reference list, as they have been selected by chefs, sommeliers, and barmen in starred gastronomic restaurants.

Curaçao is considered as a Triple Sec, in actual fact It is a liqueur made from orange peel, but why is the curaçao blue? It is blue because it contains two powerful food additives: E133 and E131.

The top of the range Triple Sec’s selection

How are Triple Secs selected on Bestwine • Online?

Bestwine • Online references the Triple Secs from the wine list and wine cellar of the most well-known gastronomic restaurants in the world. References recommended by the chefs and sommeliers acclaimed by the critics. Only the references of Triple Secs sold online are proposed, to enable you to buy them easily.

How are the reference lists of the best Triple Secs updated?

The reference lists of Triple Secs are updated daily by incorporating the new references from the wine menus of gastronomic restaurants at our disposal. In the same way, we renew our offers and promotions so that you may buy the best quality Triple Sec at the best price. We promise to only propose references on the wine list of prize-winning gastronomic restaurants.

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Why not take advantage of the expert advice and experience of the greatest professionals in high quality gastronomy to choose your bottle of Triple Sec? This is what Bestwine • Online suggests, as it is always difficulty to distinguish a Triple Sec as being the best.

Each bottle and each brand of Triple Sec has its own recipe. There are several delectable references of Triple Sec, each with its own personality. Bestwine • Online does not propose a classification nor a comparison of the best Triple Secs, Simply, a suggestion of good solid value Triple Secs. Barmen, sommeliers, and chefs in gastronomic restaurants are always looking for the most fabulous food and wine. To satisfy their customers, these professionals select the best brands and bottles of Triple Sec. A good impartial expert or guide on Triple Sec does not exist.

Make the most of the advice of chefs, sommeliers, and barmen in starred gastronomic restaurants to taste the best in Triple Sec.

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