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Bestwine • Online offers you rum from the wine list of gastronomic restaurants acclaimed by the critics. We present the references of rum chosen by renown chefs and sommeliers and we guide you to the best offers and promotions so that you can buy your bottle at the best price.

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Discover the rums chosen by the chefs and sommeliers of Michelin starred restaurants. A selection made by trustworthy and legitimate professionals to help you find your favourite rums.

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We will indicate the best offers and promotions online. You can buy the best rum thanks to a reliable and impartial reference list.

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Rum referenceRum originVintage or age of rumRum categoryalcohol degreeRestaurant
Caroni Rum – No SmockingTrinidad & Tobago21 yearsClassic Rum55°⭐⭐⭐ – Clos des Sens Restaurant & Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Zacapa RumGuatemala23 yearsClassic Rum40°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Appleton RumJamaica21 yearsDark Rum43°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Ferroni RumFranceNoOld Rum40°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Oliver & Oliver RumHaitiNoClassic Rum40°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Longueteau RumGuadeloupe6 yearsOld Rum42°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Bielle RumMarie GalanteNoWhite Rum50°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Neisson Bio RumMartiniqueNoAgricultural Rum52°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Caroni – Extra Strong RumTrinidad & TobagoNoAged Rum55°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Centenario RumCosta RicaNoAged Rum40°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Rivière Bel’Air La Favorite RumFranceNoAgricultural Rum53°⭐⭐⭐ – Yannick Alleno Restaurant – France
JM MultimillésiméFranceNoVery Old Rum42°⭐⭐⭐ – Yannick Alleno Restaurant – France
The best rums on the wine list of gastronomic restaurants
Rhum caroni no smocking 1998

1 – Caroni Rum – No Smocking

Rum origin : Trinidad & Tobago

Type of rum : classic rum

Vintage : 1998

Rum in the too restaurants winelist

rhum zacapa 23

Zacapa Rum

Rum origin : Guatemala

Type of rum : classic rum

Vintage : 23 years


Appleton Rum

Rum origine : Jamaica

Type of rum : dark rum

Vintage : 21 years

rhum ferroni

Ferroni Rum

Rum origin : France

Type of rum : old rum

Vintage : no

rhum oliver et oliver

Oliver & Oliver Rum

Rum origin : Haiti

Type of rum : classic rum

Vintage : 1985

rhum centenario

Centenario Rum

Rum origin : Costa Rica

Type of rum : aged rum

Vintage : 20 years

rhum caroni extra strong

Caroni Rum Extra Strong

Rum origin : Trinidad & Tobago

Type of rum : aged rum

Vintage : 17 years

rhum neisson bio

Neisson Bio Rum

Rum origin : France – Carribbean – Martinique

Type of rum : agricultural Rum

Vintage : no

rhum bielle ambré

Bielle Rum

Rum origin : France – Carribbean – Marie Galante

Type of rum : dark rum

Vintage : no


Longueteau rum

Rum origin : France – Carribbean – Guadeloupe

Type of rum : old rum

Vintage : no

Rhum martiniquais Rivière Bel'Air La Favorite

JM Rum Cuvée 1845

Rum origin : France – Carribbean -Martinique

Type of rum : agricultural rum

Vintage : No

rhum jm

Rivière Bel’Air Rum La Favorite

Rum Origin : France – Carribbean -Martinique

Type of rum : very old agricultural rum

Vintage : No

The best Rum according to Bestwine • Online

Can one person or professional indicate a reference of rum as being the best? No!

Are professionals and wine lovers capable of distinguishing excellent rums which could be considered as the best? Yes!

It is impossible to trust the opinion of one person to designate a rum reference as being the best. There are too many rum references, which makes the comparison between each bottle impossible, as there are several thousand references. Moreover, each person has their own standards and personal affinities which makes them prefer a specific rum. This does not mean that this rum reference is ideal for everyone, it is the same for guides, oenologists, experts and wine shops. Each professional can suggest his own personal reference in rum. It is important to understand, therefore, that there is not just one good rum, but a range of several remarkable rums.

To distinguish exceptional rums, Bestwine • Online asked the following question: who are the most credible and reliable people to indicate the best rums? The answer is simple, the most well-known and renown professionals of fine food and wine, such as the chefs and sommeliers working in prize-winning gastronomic restaurants. They are the professionals with the knowledge, skill and experience to select the most exquisite rums.

So, Bestwine • Online has created a reference list of the best wines and spirits from the wine menu of prize-winning gastronomic restaurants. On this page you have access to the references of rums advised by the chefs and sommeliers of gastronomic restaurants. You may benefit from the suggestions and selections of passionate professionals who you can trust. Consequently, you can find and buy rum at the best value for money according to your tastes and your desires. You just need to refer to the rums on this page to be sure of tasting a delicious rum!

Bestwine • Online is simply a reference list of the best rums. Bestwine • Online is neither a comparator, nor a classification nor a guide. We are only sharing the references of rums proposed on the wine menu of gastronomic restaurants and chosen by chefs and sommeliers, who are the professionals we trust to select the best rums. Consequently, our suggestions are impartial because they come from gastronomic restaurants whose rums have been recompensed by the critics.

The team at Bestwine • Online regularly update their reference list of rums suggested by chefs and sommeliers in gastronomic restaurants. So, you are sure to be informed of exceptional rum references, which are sold at the best online price. Bestwine • Online guides you to rums which are a good investment. We offer you the best offers and promotions. You are directed to trustworthy, reliable and competitive online wine merchants. Also find on Bestwine • Online, propositions of rums, wines and spirits at the best value for money. Find and buy your favourite at the best price! The opportunity to make a bargain by buying an excellent bottle of rum thanks to our tips. As well as rum from the wine list of gastronomic restaurants, you will also find references from the wine cellar of restaurants of renown luxury and palace hotels.

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Find on this page several dozen types of rum advised by chef and wine waiters in prize-winning gastronomic restaurants.

Bestwine • Online is also a list of the best red, white and rosé wines, champagnes, whiskies and rums. Get to know the most delectable alcoholic drinks by taking advantage of the advice of chefs and wine waiters!

To help you find and buy the best rums rapidly, Bestwine • Online provides you with a website and an application.

The best rums served in gastronomic restaurants

There is a place where you will surely find exceptional food and wine, that is gastronomic restaurants. These restaurants maintain a constant discipline to propose the most creative and delicious menus. Most gastronomic restaurants propose several rums on their menu including recipes using rum. Therefore, they must offer to their customers, and incorporate in their wine menu the greatest rums. Each alcohol, each rum must be fit to appear on their wine list, because the reputation of the restaurant is at stake. Gastronomic restaurants acquire their prestige by proposing the finest wines and spirits, which requires several years work. To be considered as references, restaurants must look for the prefect, the ultimate rum. Gastronomic restaurants naturally offer the most delectable rums.

The best rums according to chefs and wine waiters in gastronomic restaurants

A renowned restaurant is always owned by a great chef who is the star of the famous names in catering. These professionals of good food and wine, excel through their high standards and precision. The chef in a gastronomic restaurant must choose the best ingredients and the most creative dishes for his menu. He must also ensure that his menu is accompanied by the best references in wines and spirits. To do this, each chef in a gastronomic restaurant is accompanied by an experienced sommelier. The sommeliers have to enrich the wine menu with exceptional wines and spirits and therefore rum.  They can also advise specific rum references to their customers, according to their tastes and desires.

 Chefs and sommeliers work as a team whose aim is to propose an exceptional culinary experience. Together they enhance their wine list with rum references, which they choose by visiting agricultural land, producers and distilleries in a constant search for the most excellent rum. These professionals regularly taste new rums and discover novelties which will be the loveliest bottles of years to come. The wine list in a gastronomic restaurant which includes rums is the result of years of work, skill and experience. These high-quality rums are the fruit of tastings, discussions and opinion sharing. So, chefs and sommeliers share their experiences and their points of view to only select the rums that fit their high standards for their wine menu and bar.

A good rum is also the result of a production and therefore, a producer. Behind each rum are men, professionals, who are most of all passionate about the fabrication of these delicious drinks. Each rum producer has his own recipe, uses his own specific method and tools. Each distillery is different and offers a different type of rum. A good rum is also the land where the precious sugar cane, used to make rum, is grown. Rum is a liquor from the Americas. It is produced by the distillation of fermented by-products of the sugar or treacle industry, known as industrial or traditional rum or from the fermented juice of sugar cane known as agricultural rum. Rum can be consumed white, aged in a barrel (old rum), or spicy (which gives a darker or lighter amber colour). Rum is, therefore, a subtle alcoholic drink which requires skill in its conception and perfection. By consequence selecting rum is the result of meetings between passionate producers and professionals who value skills, traditions and an authentic terroir.

The Best Rums on the Wine list of prize-winning gastronomic restaurants

The prestige of a gastronomic restaurant can be measured in several different ways. Customer satisfaction and the acclaim of colleagues in other gastronomic restaurants are one of the loveliest rewards. Other prizes exist to classify and categorize the best addresses in restaurants. Amongst them, the Michelin Guide is the most honorific title for a restaurant. The Michelin Guide has an uncompromising jury, which awards the greatest names in catering with one or several stars. These stars recompense all the services in the restaurant and consequently the wine menu with its different rum references.

The inspectors representing the jury only judge “what is on the plate” and therefore what is in the glass of rum. The stars only reward the quality of the cooking and its ingredients, notably rums.

The Michelin Guide stars enable the restaurant’s wine list and consequently the quality of it’s rums to be classed:

  • 3 stars indicate that “the cooking, and rums are remarkable and are well worth a visit to the restaurant.”
  • 2 stars means that “the restaurant, and rums are excellent and should be tried.”
  • 1 star signals a “good restaurant and good rum in its category.”

Benefit from the remarks of the most exacting jury to choose an excellent rum.

For a good inexpensive rum!

When I was looking for a good rum I always wondered which reference to choose. Each expert oenologist, wine merchant, guide or producer can share his more or less pertinent opinion.

There are many different rums, whose origins and method of conception differ. It can be difficult therefore, to choose a good inexpensive rum when you are only an amateur of rum and not an expert.

During a meal in a gastronomic restaurant, I was able to discover and taste a particularly exquisite rum. A reference which was far better than any others I had tasted before. Since then, I only buy rum which I find on the wine menu of gastronomic restaurants. This is how I created Bestwine • Online, to list all the best rums served in gastronomic restaurants.

I personally use Bestwine • Online when I buy a bottle of rum to enrich my bar or offer a good bottle to a friend. With Bestwine • Online I would also like to propose to everyone the greatest rums in the opinion of chefs and sommeliers of gastronomic restaurants.

Whatever your budget or your knowledge of rum, you can refer to well-known and acclaimed professionals to find their best suggestions.

Bestwine • Online helps you to find the best brands of rum rapidly without having any particular knowledge. Trust chefs and sommeliers who possess the greatest wine lists, composed of the best rums to find and buy a good inexpensive rum! For a good bargain. The opportunity for an ordinary person to drink an extraordinary rum. Finally, with Bestwine • Online I wish to help gastronomic restaurants to promote their names to amateurs of wines and spirits throughout the world.

Find my latest discoveries, tastings and advice on rum from the wine menu of prize-winning gastronomic restaurants.

Gwendal creator of Bestwine • Online … and amateur of good rum.
How are rums selected on Bestwine • Online?

Bestwine • Online references the rums from the wine list and wine cellar of the most well-known gastronomic restaurants in the world. References recommended by the chefs and sommeliers acclaimed by the critics. Only the references of rums sold online are proposed, to enable you to buy them easily.

How are the reference lists of the best rums updated?

The reference lists of rums are updated daily by incorporating the new references from the wine menus of gastronomic restaurants at our disposal. In the same way, we renew our offers and promotions so that you may buy the best quality rum at the best price. We promise to only propose references on the wine list of prize-winning gastronomic restaurants.

Why choose a reference of rum via Bestwine • Online?

The chefs and sommeliers of gastronomic restaurants are the guarantees of gastronomic excellence by offering the best products, food and drink in their restaurants. Naturally, chefs and wine waiters of these great restaurants only propose the finest rums.

Why buy your rums through Bestwine • Online?

Bestwine • Online, commits itself to referencing the best rums and to guiding you to the most attractive offers online in order to buy them at the best price. A good tip for rums at a real bargain!

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