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Aged Rum is a White Rum which has been aged in oak casks for a minimum of three years. Aged Rum can be found on the wine menu of a majority of starred gastronomic restaurants as it is an old Rum. Bestwine • Online introduces you to the brands and bottles suggested by chefs and sommeliers from starred gastronomic restaurants worldwide.

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Best Aged Rums

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Rhum caroni no smocking 1998

1 – Caroni Rum – No Smocking

Rum origin : Trinidad & Tobago

Type of rum : aged agricultural rum

Vintage : 1998

Rum in the too restaurants wine lists

rhum zacapa 23

Zacapa Rum

Rum origin : Guatemala

Type of rum : classic rum

Vintage : 23 years


Appleton Rum

Rum origine : Jamaica

Type of rum : aged dark rum

Vintage : 21 years

rhum ferroni

Ferroni Rum

Rum origin : France

Type of rum : aged rum

Vintage : no

rhum oliver et oliver

Oliver & Oliver Rum

Rum origin : Haiti

Type of rum : classic rum

Vintage : 1985

rhum centenario

Centenario Rum

Rum origin : Costa Rica

Type of rum : aged rum

Vintage : 20 years

rhum caroni extra strong

Caroni Rum Extra Strong

Rum origin : Trinidad & Tobago

Type of rum : aged rum

Vintage : 17 years


Longueteau rum

Rum origin : France – Carribbean – Guadeloupe

Type of rum : aged agricultural rum

Vintage : no

rhum jm

Rivière Bel’Air Rum La Favorite

Rum Origin : France – Carribbean – Martinique

Type of rum : very aged agricultural rum

Vintage : No

Best Aged Rum’s Brands

Refer to Chief’s, Sommelier’s, Bartender’s from gastronomic restaurants of all around the world‘s opinion to discover the best aged Rum’s brands and best references. A ranking and comparative of the best aged Rum’s brands by the Chief’s, Sommelier’s and Bartender’s from the top gastronomic experts.

Aged Rum brandRum originVintage or age of rumRum categoryalcohol degreeRestaurant
Caroni Rum – No SmockingTrinidad & Tobago21 yearsAged agricultural Rum55°⭐⭐⭐ – Clos des Sens Restaurant & Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Zacapa RumGuatemala23 yearsClassic Rum40°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Appleton RumJamaica21 yearsDark Rum43°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Ferroni RumFranceNoOld Rum40°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Oliver & Oliver RumHaitiNoClassic Rum40°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Longueteau RumGuadeloupe6 yearsOld Rum42°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Bielle RumMarie GalanteNoWhite Rum50°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Neisson Bio RumFranceNoAgricultural Rum52°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Caroni – Extra Strong RumTrinidad & TobagoNoAged Rum55°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Centenario RumCosta RicaNoAged Rum40°⭐⭐⭐ – Beaumanière Restaurant – France
Rivière Bel’Air La Favorite RumFranceNoAgricultural Very Old Rum53°⭐⭐⭐ – Yannick Alleno Restaurant – France
JM MultimillésiméFranceNoVery Old Rum42°⭐⭐⭐ – Yannick Alleno Restaurant – France
The best aged rums on the wine list of gastronomic restaurants

Aged Rum

To benefit from the title Aged Rum, A rum must be stocked in an oak barrel for a minimum of three years. When it is put in the barrel, Aged Rum is a White Agricultural Rum (made with pure sugar cane juice and vesou). According to French legislation, all the varieties of Aged Rum are the result of ageing in oak for at least 3 years without interruption. Aged Rums are mostly blended. That is to say that several vintages are mixed to obtain an Aged Rum. So, Aged Rum comes from this mixture of several different vintages, of complicated blends, subtle harmonies and rigorous aromatic balance.     For complete transparency with regards to the age of Aged Rum, only the youngest can be indicated on the label.

Aged Rum can be distinguished visually by its golden colour, and on the palate, by its woody robe which is reminiscent of Dark Rum or Brandy. As a result of its conservation in wooden casks, Aged Rum is often darker than Dark Rum. With time, rum is impregnated with the brown essences of the wood. When circulating in the wood fibre, the rum extracts the tannin, so the wood transmits an atypical colour and flavour to the rum. The wooden casks in which Aged Rum are conserved may already have stocked bourbon, brandy or whisky. Logically, the previous use of the wooden barrels has an influence on the flavour of the future Aged Rum.

A comparison between Dark or Paille Rum and Aged Rums:

  • Dark or Paille Rum: 18 months conservation in a wooden barrel
  • Aged Rum VO (Very Old): 3 years conservation in a wooden barrel
  • Aged Rum VSOP (Very Special Old Pale): 4 years conservation in a wooden barrel
  • Aged Rum XO (Extra Old): 6 years conservation in a wooden barrel
  • Traditional Aged Rum: 5 to 7 years conservation in a wooden barrel
  • Aged Rum “hors d’âge”: 8 to 12 years conservation in a wooden barrel
  • Vintage Aged Rum: 15 years or more ageing in a wooden barrel. Vintage Rum can be aged for up to 70 years in a wooden cask.

Aged Rum in starred gastronomic restaurants

Aged Rum is highly appreciated and often consumed in starred gastronomic restaurants. There is a large number of Aged Rum references proposed on the wine menu of the greatest names in gastronomy, as Aged Rum is one of the most noble Rums. Its conservation for several years in a wooden cask means that Aged Rum is rare. It is also an exceptional Rum with regards to its unusual flavour and aromas. Thanks to its long conservation in oak casks, Aged Rum has sweeter notes than White Rum. Aged Rum can therefore be a good accompaniment to deserts. During a gastronomic meal, Aged Rum is mainly consumed as a liqueur.

Traditionally, Aged Rum is savoured slowly then sipped to appreciate its delicacy like Brandy. There are similar flavours between Aged Rum and Brandy as their methods of production are related. Aged Rum is a fine alcohol which is drunk neat, this allows the full enjoyment of all its aromas. It is drunk in a narrow glass to allow the fragrance to be concentrated and consequently appreciated.

For a starred gastronomic restaurant, it is natural to offer the most delectable bottles of Aged Rum. It is important to realise that the rare quality of these alcohols results in an increase in the price of the bottle and therefore in the price of the glass in starred gastronomic restaurants. Aged Rum is drunk in small quantities by the glass. Its potency permits each Rum amateur to be satisfied with a small quantity of this drink.

Bestwine • Online’s choice of the best Aged Rum

To enable you to buy the best in Aged Rums, Bestwine • Online allows you to access a selection from chefs and sommeliers in starred gastronomic restaurants. Taken from the wine menu of the greatest names in gastronomy throughout the world, these references are solid investments. Via Bestwine • Online, you are sure of choosing an upmarket brand and bottle of Aged Rum. Chefs and sommeliers in starred gastronomic restaurants are experts in good food and fine wine who regularly enrich their wine menus, their bars and wine cellars with the most delectable brands and bottles of Aged Rum. With Bestwine • Online, you can take advantage of the history of starred gastronomic restaurants and the talent of the chefs and sommeliers who work there.

With so many different brands and references of Aged Rums, it is difficult to find and buy a good inexpensive rum.

I created Bestwine • Online so that each person in search of an Aged Rum may benefit from the excellence of starred gastronomic restaurants. Bestwine • Online is for novices, amateurs, or rum specialists. In fact, each Aged Rum is unusual. A wine merchant, oenologist, restaurant owner or a guide may have different opinions on the same Aged Rum reference. However, everyone can enjoy an Aged Rum reference differently according to their tastes. I consult Bestwine • Online myself, when I am in search of a good bottle to take advantage of impartial suggestions. It is extremely rare that a gastronomic restaurant proposes a bad quality bottle of alcohol.

Bestwine • Online is neither a comparison nor a classification of the best Aged Rums. It is simply some suggestions of Aged Rums which are offered by chefs and sommeliers on their wine menu. A true guarantee of quality as it shows that these Aged Rums are fit to be served on the greatest gastronomic tables in the world. With Bestwine • Online, you can be sure of choosing an Aged Rum at the best value for money. In fact, we will guide you to wine merchants who offer the best value for money along with a friendly and attentive customer service.

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The top of the range Aged Rums selection

How are aged Rums selected on Bestwine • Online?

Bestwine • Online references the aged Rums from the wine list and wine cellar of the most well-known gastronomic restaurants in the world. References recommended by the chefs and sommeliers acclaimed by the critics. Only the references of aged Rums sold online are proposed, to enable you to buy them easily.

How are the reference lists of the best aged Rums updated?

The reference lists of aged Rums are updated daily by incorporating the new references from the wine menus of gastronomic restaurants at our disposal. In the same way, we renew our offers and promotions so that you may buy the best quality aged Rum at the best price. We promise to only propose references on the wine list of prize-winning gastronomic restaurants.

Why choose a reference of aged Rum via Bestwine • Online?

The chefs and sommeliers of gastronomic restaurants are the guarantees of gastronomic excellence by offering the best products, food and drink in their restaurants. Naturally, chefs and wine waiters of these great restaurants only propose the finest aged Rums.

Why buy your aged Rums through Bestwine • Online?

Bestwine • Online, commits itself to referencing the best aged Rums and to guiding you to the most attractive offers online in order to buy them at the best price. A good tip for aged Rums at a real bargain!

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