Cognac glasses at the table of starred gastronomic restaurants

verre a cognac riedel

The cognac glass is like the drink it contains, fine and elegant. Bestwine – Online has listed, for all cognac lovers, the brands and references of cognac available at the table of the most prestigious addresses of high gastronomy, namely starred gastronomic restaurants. At home, place the favorite cognac glasses of chefs, sommeliers, barmen and waiters of starred gastronomic restaurants at your table.

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Find the best cognac glasses

Discover the cognac glasses chosen by chefs, sommeliers and bartenders of starred gastronomic restaurants. A selection by credible and legitimate professionals to help you find the ideal cognac glass.

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We guide you to the most interesting commercial and promotional offers online. You can buy the best cognac glasses with confidence thanks to a reliable and unbiased reference.

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The best cognac glasses

With Bestwine – Online, the reference of the best cognac glasses:

  • Enjoy a cognac in the perfect glass.
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verre a cognac riedel

Riedel cognac glass

Brand of the cognac glass: Riedel

Type of cognac glass: stemmed glass

Best brands of cognac glasses

Refer to the opinions of chefs, sommeliers and bartenders of starred gourmet restaurants around the world to discover the best brands of cognac glasses in the world. A classification and comparison of cognac glasses selected in starred gastronomic restaurants by experts in the field of high gastronomy.

Reference of the cognac glassBrand of the cognac glassCapacity of the cognac glassMaterial of the cognac glassType of cognac glass
Standard cognac glass RiedelRiedel9 clGlassCognac glass with foot
The cognac glasses at the table of starred gastronomic restaurants.

The cognac glass

Definition of a cognac glass: a cognac glass is a glass or crystal container in which cognac is served and tasted. The cognac glass is a balloon glass with a short stem of the tulip glass type. In addition to the tulip type cognac glass, there is also another variety of cognac glass called “cognac pipe”. The cognac glass has existed for several centuries. The first versions of glasses designed specifically for serving and tasting cognac date from the 18th century.

The different types of cognac glasses:

  • The standard cognac glass, also known as the tulip glass: The standard cognac glass is a tulip glass, which is so named because of the shape of its calyx, similar to the flower whose name it bears. The calyx represents the “balloon” on the stem of the glass. The calyx is divided into several distinct parts. The calyx has a lip which is the part on which the lips of the drinker rest. Under the drinking vessel is the chimney. The chimney is the long part that narrows to the drinker. The mouthpiece of the tulip glass is a little wider than the chimney to facilitate the extraction of the cognac effluents. The chimney is therefore located between the rim and what is called the shoulder of the standard cognac glass. The shoulder of the standard cognac glass is the widest part of the chalice. Generally, the cognac is served at the shoulder of the glass. The chalice of the standard cognac glass ends with the goblet which corresponds to the bottom of the glass. The chalice is linked to the stem of the glass by what is called the button. The stem connects the chalice to the foot of the standard cognac glass.
  • The cognac pipe glass: the cognac pipe glass or the cognac pipe is a balloon glass with a short stem similar to the standard cognac glass. However, the pipe glass has the particularity of being equipped with a pipette whose shape is reminiscent of a saxophone. The base of the pipette is anchored in the goblet of the glass, which makes it easy to drink the cognac with the pipe. Thanks to the cognac glass with pipe, it is possible to let the cognac breathe so that it expresses its gustatory identity and to facilitate its tasting and the concentration of its taste within the pipette.

Choosing a cognac glass

The shape of the cognac glass allows the glass to be picked up by the stem, which avoids dirtying the chalice with fingerprints. Also, the ergonomics of the cognac glass logically allows not to warm the contents of the glass with the body heat of the hand. However, tasting cognac by the glass is different from other spirits. Indeed, when drinking cognac, it is customary to place the cognac glass in the palm of the hand. This allows the glass and therefore the cognac to be warmed up, which helps to extract the scents and aromas of the beverage.

The cognac glass has a volume of 6 cl to 9 cl. This represents a small volume for a table glass. Indeed, good cognac is drunk in small quantities. The cognac glass must be thin. The thinner the cognac glass, the higher its quality. Also, a fine cognac glass is a light glass and therefore easier to handle. A cognac glass must have a balanced size mouthpiece so as not to smother the aromas or overexpose the beverage.

The cognac glass is most often placed on the table at the time of the digestif or at the time of the dessert. The purpose of the cognac glass is to facilitate the serving of cognac by the glass. The neck of the cognac bottle is placed above the chalice to pour the beverage. Thanks to its rounded chalice, the cognac is easily poured when the glass is tilted. The cognac glass also allows to visualize the beverage. Cognac glasses are naturally translucent and colorless. It is not recommended to choose cognac glasses with engraving or image printed on the glass. The cognac glass also has the task of allowing the cognac to express its olfactory potential. When the cognac is served, the cognac glass should be held in the palm of the hand. It is also possible to rotate the glass in order to swirl the cognac in the glass to promote the oxygenation beneficial to extract the scents. The chimney of the cognac glass concentrates the scents of the beverage and carries them to the nose of the taster to the smaller drinker. The cognac glass allows you to taste the beverage thanks to a glass adapted to the mouth. The cognac glass can also be filled with water to lighten the taste of the liquid or with ice cubes or crushed ice to refresh it.

In addition to its practicality of handling and its ability to enhance its contents, the cognac glass is also chosen for its aesthetics. A cognac glass must be thin and elegant. It must also be

The cognac glass is also used to taste brandy, armagnac and other brandies.

The cognac glass is rather accessible financially when it is made of glass. Count a few euros for a standard glass cognac glass. Crystal cognac glasses are more expensive. Crystal is a lighter and stronger material than glass. A crystal cognac glass costs on average about ten euros. Logically, cognac pipe glasses, whether they are made of glass or crystal, are more expensive because of the technicality and complexity of their design. However, as cognac is a prestigious fine drink, crystal is a noble material often selected to design cognac glasses. Whether the cognac glasses are designed by craftsmen or industrially, the price of the accessories is also influenced.

Among the most famous and recognized brands of cognac glasses: Arcoror, Chef & Sommelier, Riedel or Schott Zwiesel.

An authentic classification and comparison to choose your cognac glass

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The selection of the best cognac glasses

How are the cognac glasses selected on Bestwine – Online ?

Bestwine – Online references the cognac glasses found on the tables of the most famous and recognized gastronomic restaurants around the world. References of cognac glasses approved by the most famous chefs and sommeliers of the gastronomy, themselves valued by the critics. Only the cognac glasses sold online are presented to you so that you can buy them easily.

How is the list of the best cognac glasses updated ?

The reference list of the best cognac glasses is updated daily by integrating new references which are placed on the tables of gastronomic restaurants. In the same way, we update the commercial and promotional offers to allow you to buy online a quality cognac glass at the best price. We are committed to presenting only cognac glasses from the tables of award-winning gourmet restaurants.

Why choose a cognac glass through Bestwine – Online ?

Chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and waiters of gourmet restaurants are the guarantors of the excellence of high gastronomy by offering the best products, food and drinks served in the most beautiful glasses in their restaurants. Naturally, the chefs, sommeliers and waiters of the finest gourmet restaurants have the best of the best in cognac glasses on their tables.

Why buy your cognac glass via Bestwine – Online?

Bestwine – Online is committed to referencing the best cognac glasses and to guide you towards the most attractive online commercial offers so that you can buy them at the best price. The good plan cognac glass for a good deal to find and buy a cognac glass at the best value for money!

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