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Bestwine • Online is an online wine list which references wines and spirits proposed in starred gastronomic restaurants all over the world. These references are categorized by the type of alcohol, and the restaurants which serve them are listed underneath each category.

Offer yourself some wine from a starred gastronomic restaurant.

For internet users, Bestwine • Online helps you to choose online a good quality bottle of wine or spirits by referring to Chefs and Sommeliers of starred gastronomic restaurants. It also permits internet users to find the addresses of starred gastronomic restaurants where they can taste rare and exceptional alcohols. The wine list in starred gastronomic restaurants is therefore the best means of choosing a “good bottle” the opportunity to enrich a bar or wine cellar or to offer good value in wine and spirits.

The promotion of starred gastronomic restaurants to amateurs of wine and spirits

For starred gastronomic restaurants, sharing their wine list is an opportunity to bring their skill and experience into the limelight by advising amateurs of wines and spirits. It is also the opportunity to promote their restaurant through the wines and spirits referenced in their wine cellar, bar or on their wine menu which they may use as a means of communication thanks to Bestwine • Online.

Find and buy a good bottle through the expertise and experience of the greatest gastronomic restaurants

The Bestwine • Online project was created in January 2021 by Gwendal Cosson an independent businessman. Gwendal Cosson had the idea to create the Bestwine • Online concept during the lockdown linked to the Covid 19 health crisis. To find good quality wines and spirits during the lockdown, he took inspiration from the wine menu of the most well-known names in restaurants.

A way of finding credible and legitimate suggestions for wines and spirits

Bestwine • Online’s task is to give each internet user access to the best references in wines and spirits, recommended by chefs and sommeliers in starred gastronomic restaurants, so that the greatest bottles of wines and spirits are available to everyone. Each restaurant is listed with the bottles of wines and spirits that it recommends. A way of promoting restaurants to customers in search of a reference.

Bestwine • Online’s aim is to create the most comprehensive wine list from the inspiration of chefs and sommeliers in the most prestigious starred restaurants in the world. Chefs and sommeliers can legitimately be considered to give the best advice on wines and spirits. These professionals of haute cuisine must be extremely demanding to keep their reputation and most of all, their rewards and titles, notably the stars discerned by the Michelin Guide.

Bestwine • Online allows internet users to have their share of gastronomy whatever their budget. As going to a three starred restaurant for a unique experience in good food and fine wine, requires a certain budget, which, is certainly not available to everyone.

With Bestwine • Online everyone can offer themselves or complete their wine cellar with an identical bottle of alcohol to those served at the greatest tables in the world.

Bestwine • Online a firm selected by the WineTech and by the French Tech

In May 2021 Bestwine • Online was selected by the WineTech to become part of an ecosystem of innovative firms in the wine business. In June 2021 Bestwine • Online was selected to integrate the French Tech Nantes as part of the creative digital ecosystem in Nantes.

Gwendal Cosson, creator of Bestwine • Online :

Bestwine • Online is a project which allows the biggest number of internet users and consumers to find and buy “a good bottle” quickly and easily. In fact, for novices in wine and spirits, identifying an upmarket bottle can be complex.

With Bestwine • Online, I would like to simplify the access to reliable and impartial suggestions in order to select a reference in wines and spirits. The consumer can therefore, access suggestions from chefs and sommeliers in gastronomic restaurants, directly online to buy the greatest red, white and rosé wines, the best champagnes, gins, vodkas, rums, cachacas, brandy, rum arrangements, and whiskies.

Bestwine • Online’s vocation is not to elect the best wines or spirits, it is simply some suggestions for internet users of the references of wines and spirits on the wine menu of starred gastronomic restaurants. A guarantee of quality, as starred gastronomic restaurants are renowned for serving the best food and the finest wines, thanks to the hard work and the talent of their highly professional chefs and sommeliers.

In my opinion, it is not possible to note wines and spirits, because there are so many references and so many different environments and contexts which influence each bottle. Each drink being different and catering for the tastes and inclinations of each person. This is why there are no rates and no opinions on Bestwine • Online. Just recommendations from chefs and sommeliers in starred gastronomic restaurants.Gwendal Cosson, creator of Bestwine • Online.

Bestwine • Online – a method of communication for starred gastronomic restaurants

Gastronomic restaurants’ wine menus are referenced free of charge on Bestwine • Online. Each starred restaurant owner may communicate their wine list to share their references in wines and spirits, whilst taking benefit of Bestwine • Online’s audience to make a name for themselves with amateurs of wines and spirits.

To expand, Bestwine • Online has developed a strategy of partnership with e-commerces who sell the referenced wines and spirits. When an internet user buys a wine or spirit referenced on Bestwine • Online’s interactive wine list on the website of an e-commerce partner, Bestwine • Online receives a commission. To offer its users a better experience when browsing the website, there are no advertisements on it.

Bestwine • Online is expanding internationally, its website is accessible in French and English. A French firm, Bestwine • Online was intially launched on the French market, however it is now available to English speaking countries since March 2021, thanks to its English version. In the future, its website and application will be accessible worldwide due to a Spanish version, available to Spanish speakers and internet users.

Bestwine • Online’s aim is to become notorious all over the world. Its long-term vision is to become the most exhaustive wine list from restaurants. A reference, permitting internet users worldwide to have access to the best quality wines and spirits chosen by chefs and sommeliers from starred gastronomic restaurants.

Even though there are numerous comparisons and classifications of online wines and spirits which could be considered as competition for Bestwine • Online, the position of the firm is voluntarily unique. In fact, at this moment in time, there are no websites which reference the wine menu of gastronomic restaurants whether they are starred or not. Beswine.Online is totally impartial as it consults several different professionals and does not commercialise its own products. The internet users are directed to reliable websites and e-commerces who propose the most attractive prices for each promoted wine and spirit.

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