Gin glasses at the table of starred gastronomic restaurants

verre à gin tonic riedel

If you are looking for the best gin glasses, why not trust the choices of chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and waiters of starred gastronomic restaurants? These fine dining professionals present their selection of gin glasses so that you can equip yourself with the most beautiful and efficient gin glasses.

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Find the best gin glasses

Discover the gin glasses chosen by chefs, sommeliers and bartenders of starred gastronomic restaurants. A selection by credible and legitimate professionals to help you find the perfect gin glass.

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We guide you to the most interesting commercial and promotional offers online. You can buy the best gin glasses with confidence from a reliable and unbiased repository.

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The best gin glasses

With Bestwine – Online, the repository of the best gin glasses:

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verre à gin tonic riedel

Tonic Gin Glass with Riedel stem

Gin glass brand: Riedel

verre à gin ballon

Urban Bar Balloon Gin Glass

Brand of the gin glass: Urban Bar

verre à gin tulipe sans pied

Tonic gin glass tulip without stem Riedel

Gin glass brand: Urban Bar

Best gin glasses brands

Refer to the opinions of chefs, sommeliers and bartenders from starred gourmet restaurants around the world to discover the best gin glass brands in the world. A classification and comparison of gin glasses selected in starred gastronomic restaurants by experts in the field of high gastronomy.

Reference of the gin glassBrand of gin glassCapacity of the gin glassGin glass materialType of gin glass
Balloon gin glass with stemUrban Bar60 clGlassGin Tonic glass with stem
Riedel Gin Tonic GlassRiedel60 clGlassGin Tonic glass with foot
Gin glassRiedel50 vlGlassGin Tonic glass without stem
The gin glasses on the table of starred gourmet restaurants.

The gin glass

Definition of a gin glass: the gin glass is a container that allows you to serve, smell and drink gin. The gin glass is usually made of glass or crystal.

There are several types of gin glasses depending on the gin drink consumed.

The gin glass for drinking pure gin

For drinking gin, the table glass used is an old fashioned tumbler. The old fashioned gin glass is a tumbler type glass (table glass with a large perimeter). Old fashioned gin glasses are commonly referred to as “old fashioned gin glasses”, “rocks glass” or “lowball glass”. The old fashioned gin glass often has a long wide rim and neck and a thick bottom. The old fashioned gin glass, thanks to its width and height, allows the integration of ice cubes with the gin for consumers who appreciate fresh gin. This is known as “gin on the rocks” (which translates to “gin on the rocks”). However, purists often prefer dry gin, i.e. without any other ingredients or elements other than the gin, although in this type of glass the gin is drunk on its own. The standard volume of gin glasses varies from 15 cl to 60 cl. Old fashioned gin glasses are sometimes decorated with engraved designs on the glass. Old fashioned gin glasses have a volume of 6 to 10 US fluid ounces, or 180 to 300 ml. A double old fashioned gin glass, also known as a DOF glass, holds 12 to 16 fluid ounces, or 350 to 470 ml.

To enjoy pure gin, it is also possible to use the tulip gin glass. The tulip gin glass is a thin glass with a thick stem or sometimes without a stem. With a stem, the tulip gin glass allows you to hold the glass by the stem to better visually appreciate the texture of the gin without putting your hand directly on the body of the glass. The tulip glass has a larger body allowing you to see the variations in the gin’s color depending on its concentration. The capacity of the tulip glass is approximately 175 ml. Finally, the tulip glass has a thin neck to concentrate the gin’s fragrance to the nose of the person tasting it.

Gin can also be drunk from a gin tasting glass. The gin tasting glass is a wide-bottomed glass with a neck that gradually narrows. The gin tasting glass has a bottom marked by a central dome. This allows the gin to breathe better when it is poured into the glass. The gin, when poured into this type of glass, hits the dome which favors the contact of the beverage with oxygen which allows the gin to air. The dome at the bottom of the gin tasting glass also allows you to see the texture of the gin as the drops flow. The gin tasting glass often has a stand adapted to the shape of the glass. The stand, which can be made of metal or wood, follows the shape of the dome at the bottom of the glass to stabilize it. The gin tasting glass is often used by experts in tasting but it is also suitable for novices to discover gin.

These different types of glasses allow you to taste pure gin but also other spirits and strong alcohols such as whisky or rum.

The gin glass for Gin Tonic

For a Gin Tonic cocktail, it is possible to use an old fashioned tumbler type glass or a special Gin Tonic stemmed glass.

Gin and tonic (G & T) is an alcoholic cocktail made with gin and tonic water or tonic soda water (like Schweppes), sometimes accompanied by a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber, and served with ice.

The special gin and tonic stemmed glass is a balloon glass with a stem. This glass has a goblet which is composed of a lip cup, a chimney (the part of the glass that narrows progressively under the lip cup), a shoulder (the widest part of the gin glass, the Gin Tonic is usually served, including ice, at the end of the shoulder of the glass) and a goblet which corresponds to the bottom of the gin glass. The goblet is linked to the stem of the glass by what is called the button. The stem is linked to the base of the Gin Tonic glass.

The special Gin Tonic glass has an average volume of 50 cl to 70 cl. Its capacity allows him to put ingredients like a slice of lemon or olives, other condiments or decorations to cocktail.

The shape of the special Gin Tonic glass, like a balloon glass, is particularly well adapted to this type of beverage. Like a spritz, the Gin Tonic is best served chilled with ice. The stemmed glass allows you to hold the glass by the base and stem, which avoids heating the chalice of the glass by putting your fingers on it. Spritz glasses and gin and tonic glasses are almost similar.

The gin glass is usually accompanied by a coaster when serving to prevent water drops produced by condensation on the cold glass from dripping onto the table.

Aesthetically, the special stemmed gin and tonic glass is also more visual.

Glasses for a gin-based cocktail

Other gin-based cocktails can be drunk in old fashioned tumbler glasses like the Negroni and special stemmed Gin Tonic glasses like the London Mule. The London Mule, a gin-based cocktail, can also be made and drunk in a mule glass, which is also used for the Moscow Mule. However, two other types of glasses are mainly used to make gin-based cocktails.

First,the classic stemmed cocktail glass, also known as the Martini glass. This is the glass used to make the Dry Martini cocktail. The classic stemmed cocktail glass has a conical chalice composed of a rim (the edge of the glass), a chimney that widens to the top of the glass and a gob which is the bottom of the glass. Then we distinguish the gob which connects the chalice to the stem. The stem connects the chalice to the foot of the glass, which is considered the base.

The shape of the classic footed cocktail glass comes from the fact that cocktails are in most cases served cold. Thus the stem allows the glass to be held without being affected by the heat of the fingers. Also, the classic stemmed cocktail glass is designed to allow the aromas of the cocktail and its different ingredients to express themselves. This is one of the reasons why classic stemmed cocktail glasses are shallow and wide to allow the drinker to smell the contents. The width of the classic stemmed cocktail glass also comes from the fact that solid components can also compose the drink. Thanks to its width and shallow depth, the classic stemmed cocktail glass can accommodate solid ingredients and elements without drowning them, such as toothpicks with condiments on them. Some of the larger items can be placed on the surface. The triangular shape of the classic stemmed cocktail glass allows the elements to be arranged properly thanks to the sharp angle of the bottom of the glass.

A standard stemmed classic cocktail glass has a capacity of 13.3 cl and belongs to the family of cups. There are also classic stemmed cocktail glasses with larger capacities, from 17.5 cl to 35 cl. The cocktail glass offers the possibility of aesthetically highlighting the composition of the cocktail, whether it is the alcoholic beverages or the solid ingredients and components such as decorations. The classic cocktail glass is also suitable for serving Gin Cosmopolitan. For Cosmopolitan Gin, it is also possible to serve it in a classic champagne glass, which differs from the cocktail glass by its cylindrical chalice.

For gin-based cocktails, it is also possible to use a long tumbler-type glass called Highball. These cocktail glasses are tall and have a relatively thin diameter and a flat bottom ideal for a Gin Fizz. They are suitable for gin-based cocktails that do not require the addition of other components and ingredients other than ice. Finally, the XXL Balloon Stem Glass is a large volume stem glass that can hold up to 820 ml. An ideal glass for gin cocktails on the rocks.

The right gin glass

The gin glass should be colorless and translucent so that the drink is fully visible. The gin glass must be solid to resist to successive maintenance and washing. Finally, the gin glass must be aesthetically uncluttered and therefore not have any engraved or printed patterns.

The gin glass should be cool or at room temperature before pouring gin into it. It should not come out of the dishwasher as it may be hot. The gin glass should be free of impurities before use. A quality gin glass costs between a few euros for a single reference and a few dozen euros for a set.

An authentic classification and comparison to choose your gin glass

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Choose the best gin glass for you:

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  2. Rank the gin glasses according to your selection criteria.

  3. Select your favorite gin glass.

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  5. Receive or gift one of the best gin glasses to enjoy your favorite spirit!

The selection of premium gin glasses

How are gin glasses selected on Bestwine – Online?

Bestwine – Online references gin glasses found on the tables of the most famous and recognized gourmet restaurants around the world. The gin glasses references are acclaimed by the greatest chefs and sommeliers of the gastronomy, who are themselves valued by the critics. Only the gin glasses sold online are presented to you so that you can buy them easily.

How is the reference list of the best gin glasses updated?

The best gin glasses repository is updated daily with new references that are placed on the tables of gourmet restaurants. We also update the commercial and promotional offers to allow you to buy online a quality gin glass at the best price. We are committed to presenting only gin glasses from the tables of award-winning gourmet restaurants.

Why choose a gin glass through Bestwine – Online?

Chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and waiters in gourmet restaurants are the guarantors of excellence in fine dining by offering the best products, food and beverages served in the finest glasses in their restaurants. Naturally, the chefs, sommeliers and waiters of the finest gourmet restaurants have the best gin glasses on their tables.

Why buy your gin glass through Bestwine – Online?

Bestwine – Online is committed to listing the best gin glasses and guiding you to the most attractive online offers so that you can buy them at the best price. The best gin glass plan for a good deal to find and buy a gin glass at the best value for money!

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