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verre à martini

Martini is an alcoholic beverage but also a brand of Italian vermouth, named after the Martini & Rossi distillery located in the Italian city of Turin, founded in 1863 by Alessandro Martini, Luigi Rossi and Teofilo Sola. Martini is traditionally drunk in glasses known as “Martini glasses”. The famous “Martini Dry” is served in these glasses, a cocktail made with white Martini, gin, lemon juice and an olive with a toothpick on it. The Martini is served in special glasses. Bestwine – Online presents the Martini glasses selected by chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and waiters of starred gastronomic restaurants and therefore placed at the table of the most prestigious addresses of the high gastronomy.

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Discover the Martini glasses chosen by the chefs, sommeliers and bartenders of starred gastronomic restaurants. A selection by credible and legitimate professionals to help you find the perfect Martini glass.

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verre à martini

Riedel Martini glass

Martini glass brand: Riedel

Best brands of Martini glass

Refer to the opinions of chefs, sommeliers and bartenders from starred gourmet restaurants around the world to discover the best martini glass brands in the world. A classification and comparison of Martini glasses selected in starred gastronomic restaurants by experts in the field of high gastronomy.

Reference of the Martini glassMartini glass brandCapacity of the Martini glassMaterial of the Martini glassType of Martini glass
Martini glass Riedel62 clGlassMartini glass with foot
Martini glasses on the table of starred gastronomic restaurants.

The Martini glass

Definition of a Martini glass: a Martini glass is a stemmed cocktail glass. The martini glass has a conical chalice composed of a rim (the edge of the glass), a chimney that widens to the top of the glass and a gob which is the bottom of the glass. Then we distinguish the gob which connects the chalice to the stem. The stem connects the chalice to the foot of the glass, which is considered the base

The Martini glass is actually the standard version of cocktail glasses. The name Martini glass has become the popular usage to designate a stemmed glass with a conical chalice shape. This is because the cocktail glass with the conical chalice was previously used exclusively for serving Martini or Martini-based cocktails. The Dry Martini was an extremely popular cocktail during the 20th century. A table glass with a triangular shaped chalice can therefore be called a cocktail glass, triangle shaped stemmed glass, Martini glass or Martini glass

The shape of the Martini glass comes from the fact that Martini or Martini-based cocktails are served chilled. Thus the foot allows to hold the glass without being affected by the heat of the fingers. Also, the Martini glass is designed to allow the aromas of the Martini and the components of the cocktail to express themselves. This is one of the reasons why martini glasses are shallow and wide to allow the drinker to smell the contents. The width of the Martini glass also comes from the fact that solid components can also compose the drink. This is particularly the case for the famous olives on toothpicks. Thanks to its width and shallow depth, the Martini glass can accommodate solid ingredients and elements without drowning them. Some of the larger items can be placed on the surface. The triangular shape of the Martini glass allows the famous toothpick with olives to be placed properly.

The Martini glass must be able to accommodate cocktails made with a shaker but also with a glass. The glass must be adapted to pour liquid. It must also be suitable for mixing the cocktail and potentially holding small ice cubes or crushed ice.

A standard martini glass has a capacity of 13.3 cl and is part of the family of glasses. There are also martini glasses with larger capacities, from 17.5 cl to 35 cl. The Martini glass offers the possibility of aesthetically highlighting the composition of the cocktail, whether it is the alcoholic beverages or the solid ingredients and components such as decorations.

The right Martini glass

The right martini glass is a simple glass that enhances its contents. The martini glass should be translucent to visualize the composition of the cocktail.

The right Martini glass should have a wide enough stem to ensure the stability of the container.

Martini glasses can be made of glass or crystal. Glass is the most common material used to make martini glasses. A good Martini glass must be sturdy to resist successive washings.

Martini glasses are affordable since their price varies from a few euros for a Martini glass to a few dozen euros for sets of Martini glasses.

The Martini glass appears on the tables at the time of the aperitif. It is served with a coaster to protect the table from water drops that form around the glass with condensation.

An authentic classification and comparison to choose your Martini glass

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The selection of high end Martini glasses

How are the Martini glasses selected on Bestwine – Online ?

Bestwine – Online references Martini glasses found on the tables of the most famous and recognized gastronomic restaurants around the world. Martini glasses references are acclaimed by the most famous chefs and sommeliers of the gastronomy, who are themselves valued by the critics. Only the Martini glasses sold online are presented to you so that you can buy them easily.

How is the reference list of the best Martini glasses updated ?

The best Martini glasses repository is updated daily with new references that are placed on the tables of gourmet restaurants. We also update the commercial and promotional offers to allow you to buy online a quality Martini glass at the best price. We are committed to presenting only Martini glasses from the tables of award-winning gourmet restaurants.

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Chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and waiters of gourmet restaurants are the guarantors of the excellence of fine dining by offering the best products, food and beverages served in the most beautiful glasses in their restaurants. Naturally, the chefs, sommeliers and waiters of the finest gourmet restaurants have the best of the best in martini glasses on their tables.

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Bestwine – Online is committed to referencing the best Martini glasses and to guide you towards the most attractive online commercial offers so that you can buy them at the best price. The best Martini glass plan for a good deal to find and buy a Martini glass at the best value for money!

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