Mojito glass at the table of starred gastronomic restaurants

verre mojito havana club

The Mojito, emblematic cocktail of Cuba, composed of rum, mint, lime, cane sugar and sparkling water is a sweet and fragrant alcoholic drink. The Mojito has the particularity of having its own glass for its elaboration and tasting even if other types of alternative glasses are used by professionals. Bestwine – Online presents the different types of Mojito glasses used in starred gastronomic restaurants to serve the Mojito. Discover also the precise brands and references of Mojito glasses selected by chefs, sommeliers, mixologists and waiters of the most prestigious restaurants in the world.

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verre mojito old fashioned riedel

Havana Club Mojito glass

verre mojito havana club

Havana Club Mojito glass

verre mojito classique

Standard Mojito glass

Best brands of Mojito glasses

Refer to the opinions of chefs, sommeliers and bartenders of starred gourmet restaurants around the world to discover the best Mojito glass brands in the world. A classification and comparison of Mojito glasses selected in starred gastronomic restaurants by experts specialized in high gastronomy.

Reference of the Mojito glassBrand of the Mojito glassCapacity of the Mojito glassMaterial of the Mojito glassType of Mojito glass
Havana Club Mojito glassHavana Club34 clGlassMojito tumbler glass
Mojito glass old fashioned RiedelRiedel31 clGlassOld fashioned Mojito glass
Standard Mojito glass TopkapiTopkapi36 clGlassStandard Mojito glass
Mojito glasses on the table of starred gourmet restaurants.

The mojito glass

Definition of the Mojito glass: the Mojito glass is a container that allows to elaborate, visualize, smell and drink the Mojito cocktail. The most popular Mojito glass is a long, flat-bottomed, tumbler-type glass with a wide chimney. This distinctive glass was created and popularized by the Cuban rum brand Havana Club. There are also other types of glasses used to elaborate and serve the Mojito such as the jar glass, the XXL balloon glass or the old fashioned glass. The Mojito glass is made of glass or more rarely of crystal and its average volume is between 25cl and 50cl.

The Mojito is a cocktail created in Cuba in the early 20th century.

The recipe for the Mojito is relatively simple. To make a Mojito, you need rum (preferably white Cuban rum), sparkling water (or soda like lemonade or champagne), cane sugar, lime and mint. For 33 cl of Mojito, you need 5 cl of rum, a dozen mint leaves.

There are several types of glasses to make and serve the Mojito:

  • The Mojito tumbler or Havana Club Mojito glass: the Mojito tumbler or Havana Club Mojito glass is a glass with a lip (the part where the drinker’s lips rest), a shoulder (the upper part under the lip that is wider than the lower part) and a flat bottom that is less wide. The capacity of a Mojito glass varies from 29 cl to 50 cl. The Mojito tumbler was popularized by the Cuban rum brand Havana Club in the middle of the 20th century. As the Havana Club brand has put its logo on these types of glasses, the Havana Club glass has become a reference in bars and in popular use in Cuba and around the world. The Mojito tumbler or Havana Club glass has raised curved lines carved from top to bottom of the glass. There are standard tumbler mojito glasses or the classic glasses with the Havana Club brand logo on them. Logically, Havana Club Mojito glasses are used when the mojito is made with Havana Club rum.
  • The Mojito jar glass: the jar is a long, wide and robust glass with a similar perimeter from the drinker to the bottom of the glass. The jar has a handle on the side that allows for easy handling of the glass. The handle prevents fingers from touching the chalice and therefore avoids dirtying it with fingerprints or heating the container, which can then heat up the contents. The jar can also be equipped with a lid that can be pierced by a straw. This makes it easier to enjoy the cocktail as the Mojito is held securely in the glass with the lid and the straw makes it easy to drink the Mojito. The capacity of a Mojito jar glass varies from 33 cl to 55 cl.
  • The balloon Mojito glass: the balloon Mojito glass XXL is a stemmed glass. It is divided into several parts with the chalice, the stem and the base. The chalice is composed of a mouthpiece, a chimney which is the upper part of the glass that narrows to the mouthpiece, a shoulder which is the widest part of the glass and the gob which represents the bottom of the chalice. The capacity of a Mojito balloon glass varies from 25 cl to 50 cl. The balloon Mojito glass XXL with foot has the advantage of having a stem and a base that facilitates the handling of the glass for the drinker. Just like the handle of the jar, the stem and the base allow not to touch the chalice with the fingers and thus avoids to dirty it with fingerprints or to warm the container, which can then warm the contents. The Mojito glass XXL balloon with foot also has the advantage of being aesthetic with a high chalice that enhances the Mojito it contains. This type of glass is also used to serve other cocktails such as the spritz.
  • The old fashioned Mojito tumbler glass: the old fashioned Mojito glass is a tumbler type glass (table glass with a wide perimeter). These are the same glasses used to serve spirits like rum or whiskey. Old fashioned Mojito glasses are known colloquially as “rock glasses” or “lowball glasses”. The old fashioned Mojito glass often has a long wide rim and neck and a thick bottom. The old fashioned Mojito glass, thanks to its width and height, allows enough crushed ice to be integrated with the Mojito. The standard volume of old fashioned glasses varies from 15 cl to 60 cl. The old fashioned Mojito glasses have a volume of 6 to 10 American fluid ounces, or 180 to 300 ml. A double old fashioned Mojito glass, also called DOF glass by professionals, contains 12 to 16 American fluid ounces, or 350 to 470 ml. Logically, to make Mojitos, it is double old fashioned glasses with large volume that are selected. The old fashioned Mojito glasses are sometimes decorated with patterns engraved on the glass.

Some mixologists sometimes use mule glasses (like the moscow mule glass) to elaborate and serve Mojitos. This glass is made of copper and/or brass and/or metal and has a jar-like shape with a domed body and a handle. It is also possible to use tumbler glasses such as Highball. Some mixologists also use beer mugs for large mojitos.

Choosing the right Mojito glass

The right Mojito glass must first allow the mixologist to make the Mojito in the glass. The Mojito is a cocktail that has the particularity of containing a lot of solid ingredients such as lime wedges, mint and crushed ice. It is therefore necessary to have a glass able to accommodate these different food elements. The Mojito glass must therefore have a wide enough mouth so that these elements can pass into the glass. Above all, the mixologist must be able to squeeze the lemon wedges into the glass. Indeed, the creation of a Mojito must be done within the glass served to its drinker afterwards. To press the lemon wedges into the bottom of the glass, the mixologist uses a pestle. Therefore, the glass must have a chimney, a shoulder and a bottom wide enough to allow the mixologist to pound the ingredients into the bottom of the Mojito glass. Similarly, the cocktail stirrer or stick should allow the drink to be mixed when the cane sugar, rum and crushed ice have been incorporated into the mix.

The Mojito glass must be able to accommodate a straw since the Mojito is composed of many solid elements and the straw allows you to drink only the liquid. The Mojito glass can be equipped with a stem and a foot, allowing better handling of the container without touching the chalice that contains the Mojito to not alter the temperature of the Mojito and the visual aspect of the glass. These elements also allow the person tasting the glass not to touch the contour of the glass on which may be present drops of water produced by condensation. However, traditionally, the Mojito is drunk in a Havana Club style tumbler glass. You should choose your Mojito glass according to its practicality or popularity.

The Mojito glass must be solid to resist successive washings. The Mojito glass must also be translucent to be able to observe the contents of the glass. Indeed, the Mojito is a very visual cocktail with its green and sometimes amber colors when the Mojito is made with amber rum.

The Mojito glass makes its appearance on the table at the time of the aperitif. To serve the Mojito, it is advisable to accompany the glass with a coaster to receive the drops of water produced by condensation. The Mojito glass can also be decorated with one or more slices of lime and sprigs and leaves of mint.

The price of a Mojito glass is accessible and costs around ten euros. There are several brands of Mojito glasses such as Riedel or Havana Club which in addition to being a brand of rum is also a brand of Mojito glass.

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Selection of the best Mojito glasses

How are the Mojito glasses selected on Bestwine – Online ?

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