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For all spritz lovers or mixologists who wish to serve their favorite cocktail in the perfect glass, Bestwine – Online has listed the references and brands of spritz glasses used in starred gastronomic restaurants. Find and buy the right spritz glass to make sure you make the right choice thanks to the expertise of the greatest professionals in the restaurant business.

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Find the best spritz glasses

Discover the spritz glasses chosen by chefs, mixologists, sommeliers and bartenders of starred gourmet restaurants. A selection by credible and legitimate professionals to help you find the perfect spritz glass.

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We guide you to the most interesting commercial and promotional offers online. You can buy the best spritz glasses with confidence from a trusted and unbiased repository.

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The best spritz glasses

With Bestwine – Online, you can find the best spritz glasses:

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verre spritz

Libbey Joya Spritzer Glass

Martini glass brand: Spritzer Joya by Libbey

Best brands of spritz glasses

Refer to the opinions of chefs, sommeliers and bartenders from starred gourmet restaurants around the world to discover the best spritz glass brands in the world. A ranking and comparison of gin glasses selected by experts in the field of fine dining in starred restaurants.

Reference of the spritz glassBrand of the spritz glassCapacity of the spritz glassMaterial of the spritz glassType of spritz glass
Libbey Spritzer Joya spritz glassLibbey Joya Spritzer62 clGlassSpritz glass with stem
The spritz glasses on the table of starred gourmet restaurants.

Definition of a spritz glass: a spritz glass is a container used to prepare a spritz cocktail, to serve it and to drink it.

The spritz glass

The spritz glass is a stemmed glass. It is divided into several parts with the chalice, the stem and the base. The chalice is made up of a mouthpiece which is the upper end of the glass where the lips rest, a chimney which is the upper part of the glass which narrows to the mouthpiece, a shoulder which is the widest part of the glass and the goblet which represents the bottom of the chalice.

The stem is connected to the chalice by the part that we call the button. The lower part of the stem finally joins the foot of the spritz glass.

The spritz glass must allow the cocktail to be made within the glass itself, to observe the contents, to smell it and to taste it.

The spritz glass is a translucent glass that highlights the bright color of the spritz. The spritz glass should be a large size to accommodate the right amount of drink.

The spritz, also known as spritz veneziano, is an alcoholic cocktail mainly consumed as an aperitif in the Italian cities of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Today, the spritz is consumed in many European countries

To make a spritz, you need 25 cl of sparkling white wine (usually prosecco ), 5 cl of seltzer (or sparkling water) to which is added bitter alcohol such as Campari (Spritz bitter), which gives the drink a bright red color, or 12 cl of Aperol, which is sweeter and gives it an orange hue (Spritz dolce or Aperol Spritz) Some variations of the spritz use champagne instead of prosecco. The spritz is accompanied by several ice cubes and orange slices. Generally, the ice cubes are large and the orange slices are roughly cut. The spritz glass must be able to hold these elements.

The spritz is prepared in a glass. The glass must therefore be adapted to the cocktail’s preparation by the mixologist, in particular thanks to a mouthpiece large enough to hold large ice cubes. The spritz glass must also facilitate the mixing of the drink with a cocktail stick.

The shape of the spritz glass comes originally from the Italian wine glasses in which the spritz was previously served. Smaller in size, the wine glasses have given way to spritz glasses designed specifically for this cocktail with a larger volume. Compared to a wine glass, the spritz glass is either longer or wider and therefore naturally has a larger capacity.

The spritz glass, thanks to its stem and its foot allows a good grip of the glass. Moreover, the presence of the stem and the foot allows not to touch the chalice thus not to heat the cocktail when the fingers are put there. The spritz is a cocktail that must be drunk very cold.

The right spritz glass

The spritz glass is an atypical cocktail glass that must be able to contain both numerous ice cubes of varying sizes and orange segments. The spritz is traditionally drunk through a straw on the terrace of Italian bars to facilitate the tasting of the drink and not to be disturbed by the ice cubes.

The spritz glass must therefore have a large capacity of between 50 cl and 70 cl. The shoulder of the chalice of the spritz glass should be as wide as the whole glass. Generally speaking, the spritz should be served at shoulder height, i.e. on the part of the glass up to and including the widest part of the glass, including the ice cubes. The spritz glass should have a wide stem to stabilize the glass on the table. The spritz glass is usually placed on a coaster to protect the table from the spritz but also from the condensation of the water that beads on the fresh spritz glass.

The spritz glass is mostly made of glass. There are also crystal spritz glasses. Crystal spritz glasses are stronger and lighter than glass spritz glasses but they are also more expensive.

A good spritz glass is a strong glass that will stand the test of time and repeated washing. Also, the lighter the spritz glass, the easier it will be to hold.

The spritz glass appears on the tables at the time of the aperitif. It is served with a coaster to protect the table from water drops that form around the glass with condensation.

The price of a good spritz glass can vary from a few euros to several dozen euros. Generally, spritz glasses are sold in sets of glasses.

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The selection of the best spritz glasses

How are the spritz glasses selected on Bestwine – Online?

Bestwine – Online references the spritz glasses found on the tables of the most famous and recognized gourmet restaurants around the world. References of spritz glasses approved by the most famous chefs and sommeliers of the gastronomy, themselves valued by the critics. Only the spritz glasses sold online are presented to you so that you can buy them easily.

How is the list of the best spritz glasses updated?

The repository of the best spritz glasses is updated daily with new references that are placed on the tables of gourmet restaurants. We also update the commercial and promotional offers so that you can buy a quality spritz glass online at the best price. We are committed to presenting only spritz glasses from the tables of award-winning gourmet restaurants.

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Chefs, sommeliers, bartenders and waiters in gourmet restaurants are the guarantors of excellence in fine dining by offering the best products, food and beverages served in the finest glasses in their restaurants. Naturally, the chefs, sommeliers and waiters of the finest gourmet restaurants have the finest in spritz glasses on their tables.

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Bestwine – Online is committed to listing the best spritz glasses and guiding you to the most attractive online offers so that you can buy them at the best price. The best spritz glass plan for a good deal to find and buy a spritz glass at the best value for money!

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